Sunday, November 16, 2008

Welcome Home, Your Cat Is Dead

After 19 days in Oahu, and five in Las Vegas (which appropriately ended with a jerk cabbie berating me for tipping him $3 on $27 to the airport - I hate Vegas), I finally got home from my mid-life crisis rendezvous yesterday. My dogs were happy to see me for 5 seconds, my kid mustered the energy to give me a hug for another 5, and within the hour I was doing laundry, working around the house, and twittering until way past when I should have been twittering. Life as usual kicking in way to early for my liking.

This morning I slept till noon (much needed), and headed to my neighbors when we discovered a pile of hair, most definitely my cat's, in my front yard. A big pile. I'm not very hopeful at this point and can only assume that I won't be seeing my beautiful, wonderful, Mozart ever again.

So welcome back to the place you can't wait to leave. Your cat is likely dead. We hope you enjoy your stay.