Sunday, June 04, 2006

Indian Shores

Sunday we drove up to Indian Shores to meet my friend Hollie and her family for vacation. They chose this area because their cousin manages a small beach motel called the Sun N Fun. This is by no means a resort. It was built by the current owner's great grandfather like 150 years ago. Casey and I are staying in the efficiency apartment ... what it lacks in sophistication it makes up in location. The views are spectacular.

At least they were spectacular last week.

Someone decided to rebuild the beach the day we got here (they're dredging the ocean and putting the sand on to Indian Rocks Beach), so there is a construction zone right outside. But at least we can walk around it pretty easily ... up until now we needed a car if we wanted to go to the beach.

So we unpacked and spent the rest our first day on the beach playing in the ocean and hanging with our friends. I got to break out the new telephoto lens for my camera too. This thing is awesome. It takes the most amazing pictures despite the fact that I don't have an eye for photography. I took photos of the kids playing in the surf and drank Coronas until dinnertime, a backyard BBQ that we all contributed to. Now THIS is the way to vacation!

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