Friday, April 06, 2007

The Travel Trailer

My accountant called with good news yesterday: I don't owe nearly what I thought I was going to in taxes. After a short w00t! one would think that I'd be calling my stock broker. Did I? Nope! I called Aloha RV and bought myself a travel trailer. We'll be going to the lake a lot more this summer. Here are a few pics of it that I pilfered from the Aloha RV web site ...

My room

Bunk Beds for Casey

One big slide-out

You can't tell from this, but it's 31' long
This is the way I like to rough it :)


Tammom said...

Dang woman, that looks mighty familiar -- sans a couple of bunks! We're still living in ours at MIL's house but our electricity is plumbed in and our well is being drilled on Monday. Should have us a house SOON [and I'm ever so ready]!

Good job - LIVE a bit!

Dem Soldier said...

Yep...31' long...good selection.

Leighanna said...

Well written article.