Monday, March 24, 2008

He Is Risen!

Our Easter Sunday was not spent searching for colored eggs, or celebrating the resurrection of Jesus, it was spent traveling to Fort Lauderdale. I didn't think much about traveling on this day when I made our Spring Break plans, but I felt a little guilty not doing anything traditional. Good thing Jesus loves me anyway! :)

The airports were surprisingly busy, and we were very happy when we finally made it to our hotel room. A few phone calls to let everyone know we arrived safely, a little room service dinner, and minimal unpacking later, we were settled in and trying to sleep off the excitement of boarding our first cruise the next day.

So here we are, now Monday, waking up at what feels to us like 7am on our first day of vacation. Let me rephrase that. I woke up at what feels like 7am to us, opened the blinds, made coffee, turned on my computer, got lectured by Kelli for working while on vacation via IM, and am now blogging about our trip so far while Casey and Mercedes are still snoozing away.

At 10:00 I am getting their little butts out of bed so they can enjoy a few minutes of Florida before we take off for the ship place. Pretty soon I'll have the lingo down, but until then, enjoy our view!


Melissa said...

I wanna go!
The view is awesome.
I believe it is called the port.
Not the ship place..grin.

Jill said...

I want to be me in my home town. Many fun nights spend cruising the fort lauderdale strip back in the day. Wave to my mom for me. Oh wait I will be there in 2 weeks. WOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you are having fun./ Go get some sun, some drinks and have fun. stop working

Depeche221 said...

"The ship place"......Man.....that has me laughing.

So where are pics from yesterday? huh? huh? I wanna see nowwwwww.

Sorry, bored at work :)

Babies Online said...

I think the boat sank. We want updates!!!