Saturday, April 26, 2008

Fool me twice, shame on me

I'm sad today.

I'm mad today.

I am embarrassed today because it seems that I never learn from my mistakes and now I need to vent.

One of the bloggers I hired at Babies Online turned out to be very helpful, nice, and experienced in her field ... immediately I accepted her into our inner circle and considered her our go to girl. When she ran into financial problems I offered to help without thinking first. If I would have thought before I spoke I would have realized that irresponsibility is likely what got her into that situation to begin with. But as I said, I didn't think first.

You know, that phrase without thinking first seems to have gotten me into more problems than I care to admit. But I digress.

I offered to advance some money to her, thinking a few hundred dollars. She came back and asked for $2500, in return I would get 6 months of work, including one rather large project. I wanted to say no to that amount. I really did. But I've been tremendously blessed, and if that's what she needed to get out of her dire straights, then I should help. I sent the money, and don't you know, have had nothing but headache ever since.

I have to beg for examples of her work, and when she finally does send something, it's inadequate. My repeated requests for status reports and conference calls are ignored. She doesn't respond to email, her phone service was suspended, and she either doesn't get on IM or has blocked us from seeing her when she's online.

All is not lost. American Express will give my money back if and when I request a charge back. I have a date in mind when that will happen, but am still hoping she will come through and have some valid excuse for the disappearing act. I'm prepared to accept the fact that I was simply scammed, though, which makes me sad, mad, and embarrassed.

I thought I was smarter than that.

Ok, therapy for today is over. I feel much better now.


confusedmommyof3 said...

I'm so sorry Shannon that she took advantage of you like that! You are a kind and generous person and it sucks that there are people in the world that take advantage of people like that!

jill said...

That sucks that someone could do that. Lets do pizza this week and talk about the blogging position