Saturday, September 06, 2008

Sunny SoCal

2008 is going to go down as my most traveled year so far I do believe.

It's been just two weeks since I got back from Silicone Valley & the biggest geek expo of my life, and here I am unpacking from a three day visit with Josh in Los Angeles. (You don't know Josh ... he was a friend and one of the brothers from way back when, turning into a better friend now.)

But I digress.

Southern California was much more fun than I remembered from my last visit in ... probably 1993. We drove up and down the coast (in a bad ass car), went to some lovely restaurants, watched ET (the movie) on the beach, met some very nice people, had a couple of great business meetings, and generally hung out. And don't you know I didn't take one - single - picture?

Oh well, now I have a great excuse to solicit another invite - photo ops!

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