Tuesday, October 21, 2008


So, through Twitter I met @Roxannedarling and @Shane - I'm not sure how. They are very active in social networking and run some very popular podcasts. Turns out they used to live in Santa Fe but now reside on the island of Oahu. I love Hawaii. No, I LOVE HAWAII. Only been there a couple of times, but to me, it's paradise. I always said if there was a work event on any of the islands that I'd go.

Well, not long ago Rox and Shane announced Podcamp Hawaii 2008 - I thought about going, but for whatever reason, let it slip away. Till yesterday. I woke up thinking, I should be in Hawaii this week. It didn't take me long to stumble over to Orbitz.com where I amazingly found cheap last minute airfare! Within the hour I had booked my flight to Honolulu, registered for PodcampHI, and reserved my hotel room at the Waikiki Prince Hotel for tomorrow. Yes, TOMORROW.

Since then I've been wrapping up loose ends, shopping, getting a spray tan (I didn't sit down afterwards this time), and now I'm putting off packing by blogging. I'm going to give Travelpod another shot, so if you want to follow me around Waikiki Beach, hop on over to my Oahu Blog (oh, and you can follow my antics 140 characters at a time on twitter too).

I'm so excited to go to Hawaii again. It's been about a year and a half since my last visit. Rox mentioned many condos for sale, so I may have to do a little real estate shopping while I"m there. We'll see. But for now I should pack and try to get some sleep before the 6am alarm. Sweet dreams are waiting I'm sure.


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