Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Tooth Fairy is going to have a field day

Casey had her oral surgery today. She had eight (that's right ... EIGHT) teeth surgically removed: 4 permanent teeth and 4 baby teeth. She apparently inherited my jaw ... believe it or not our mouths are too small to hold all of our teeth. She already had a few teeth removed a couple of years ago, so hopefully this will be the last of the surgeries.

She came through it like a champ! She didn't wince when they put the IV in, and she woke up great. The first words out of her mouth when she got in the car were: can we go to Starbucks? (She loves loves LOVES their Strawberries & Cream Frappacino). So we got that, went home, and laid around all day eating gelato and yogurt. Melissa brought her flowers and balloons from Cassidy, too, which was very nice.

So thank you to everyone who said a prayer for Casey today. She's doing great!

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