Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Exploring The North Shore

Today we decided to head north for the day to see if we could find Puff The Magic Dragon, so we put the top down on the car and off we went.

Our first stop: The Kilauea Lighthouse

We pulled off at a scenic lookout to snap this picture, then we drove down the little driveway, paid our $3, and got to tour our first lighthouse!

To your right you can see the view from the lighthouse.

You can understand why they needed this here, right?

That was fun, but no Puff here, so we got in the car and continued north.

We drove through Princeville, then Hanalei, looking for the Hanalei Mix Plate Lunch place but couldn't find it. Finally we saw a little food truck by a beach so we pulled over there and ate pork sandwiches and hot dogs. Across the beach was this cool cave that we explored. It looks small in this picture, I know. But it was probably 20 feet high in some places! Casey made it pretty much all the way to the back. I was the second most courageous ... I went almost half way, and Jennie stayed about 20 feet closer to the entrance than that :)

So back in the car we went and continued on our search for that rascally dragon. Next thing we know, we came to the end of the road. Literally.

If you've ever seen a map of Kauai there is no road that goes all the way around the island. About 25% is inaccessible by car because of the Napali coastline. So we drove as far as we could heading north.

What a beautiful dead end this turned out to be!

We found ourselves on Ke'e Beach and it was spectacular! This is the beginning of the Napali Coast (which we'll see more of on Thursday). We spent a few hours here swimming, sunbathing, and general chilling out. Well Casey swam, Jennie sunbathed, and I chilled in the shade :)

If you listen carefully you'll hear Jennie's flip-flops :)

We thought we should start heading back around 5 or so since it takes about 1.5 hours to get back to the hotel from where the road ends, but we stopped a couple more times on the way

First stop, another cave that we thought was pretty cool.

Second stop, a Farmer's Market where we chatted with locals
& bought pineapple, papaya, and flowers that were bigger than your head!

We never did find Puff, but we very much enjoyed our day exploring the north side of the island.

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