Saturday, July 07, 2007

We're going on a cru-uise

Ok, so we have to wait until 2008, but we're going on a cruise!

For our first time at sea, I figured a 5 night cruise would suffice, so we're taking the Royal Caribbean Navigator to Cozumel and Belize, with a couple of days at sea. According to Cruise Critic, it's one of the best family friendly ships there are, so I figured Casey would dig that.

We'll start out in Fort Lauderdale and spend the night at the Sheraton again (this is where we stayed in 2006 when we visited Danny and Teri after they disembarked). Then we hit the boat and do, well, I don't even know what yet! Good thing that I have a whole lotta months to plan this!

In the meantime we'll be going to Cincinnati, Virginia, San Francisco, and most likely Chicago again. It's gonna be a busy year!

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confusedmommyof3 said...

I can't wait til you go , I always love looking at the pictures and reading about your vacations!