Thursday, July 19, 2007

Virginia & Washington D.C.

So believe it or not, I have relatives on my mom's side of the family too! After years of saying we're going to get together, a few of us actually did.

Kent & Joanne (my mom's brother) have a timeshare in Massanutten, VA so I flew into D.C. to visit them, his son Chris (who I met for the first time this year), Chris' fiancé Kristin (not pictured), and my cousin Rob, who lives in Wisconsin.

We spent a couple of days there eating wonderful food, playing Putt-Putt, and tubing down a lazy river. Then we went back to Kent's house in Virginia and spent an evening sight-seeing in Washington D.C.

I got to see The White House too!

It was a short trip, but great to be able to see everyone again (and for the first time). Hopefully we'll be able to do something like this again, with an even bigger turnout!

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