Monday, November 05, 2007

Windy City Kids

City Kids, originally uploaded by andi_thats_me.

There is no place in the world like Chicago, and we were lucky enough to visit it again this weekend. Casey and I flew in Thursday night, met up with Melissa and the kiddos, and got to hang until Sunday night. We shopped, we swam, we ate (a lot!), we walked (a lot!), and spent a small fortune ... but hey, that's what Chicago's all about!

The highlight of our trip was probably Blue Man Group for Melissa and shopping for me. I bought myself a new fancy watch on the Magnificent Mile. The kids had their most fun playing video games and swimming I do believe.

The worst part of our trip? It had to be Ed Debevics. Their claim to fame is to treat their customers as rudely as possible. That part they did well. The food was inedible, though, and the service was ... nonexistent. But hey, I got to tell a waiter he was the worst server I'd ever encountered AND flipped him off without getting beaten up, so I guess there was an upside after all! Not to mention that V-E-R-N will have a special place in our hearts forever now.

Melissa's mom recommended we eat at Maggianos and that place was ab fab. Thanks for treating us to some yum-O Italian food!

We have a few more pictures on Flickr (including the amazing view from our room at the Sheraton) so be sure to check them out!

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