Wednesday, May 03, 2006

It's ON!

Ok, after contemplating whether or not I should travel or spend my summer couped up in this house yet another year, I opted to get out and enjoy what's left of my thirties.

Casey, Olivia, and myself are going to the Sunshine State and Ohio this year. Our tickets are booked and we've started our summer itinerary.

We leave Memorial Day weekend for Sarasota to stay in Uncle Kent's house at Palm Aire Country Club. We even managed to get Kent to come visit the first couple of days!

The following week we're going to meet up with Hollie and her family in Indian Shores (close to Clearwater/Tampa). We're going to spend a day at Busch Gardens, another day at Adventure Island, and hopefully get some quality beach time.

After that we'll go back to Sarasota for a day or two before we visit Uncle Danny, Teri, and Paige in Fort Lauderdale for a day (yes, we reserved a room with a view), then we're finally going to meet Bob from Stork Avenue in Coral Gables!! He's promised to take us out on his boat, so fingers crossed we'll have good enough weather to do that!

We may spend an extra day in south Miami sight-seeing (assuming there are no hurricanes). But after that we're scheduled for stops in Del Ray, Cocoa Beach, and Jacksonville to check out the real estate market. On the final leg back to Sarasota we're planning on one final stop in Orlando to visit Blizzard Beach and beat the heat for a day.

I'm sure we'll be needing some R&R after that, so we're shooting for nothing to do in Sarasota our last week, except for local stuff and hanging on the beaches a bit. Unless, of course, a fabulous weekend fare to the Caribbean rears its head. Then it's boarding for Olivia and island hopping for Shannon & Casey! :)

Come the first of July we'll be on our yearly pilgrimage to the land of Skyline Chili, and finally we're planning a weekend trip to Indianapolis to see Chris and Dave and their swanky new house. Maybe we can even get Schmoo to come visit too!

We'll end up back in Albuquerque in time for Casey to squeeze one week of summer camp in, then it's back to school and business as usual. The question is, where that will be?

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