Sunday, May 28, 2006

We made it to Sarasota!

It took eight hours and a stop in Atlanta, but we got here in one piece. Casey and Olivia both did a great job traveling. Casey played her Nintendo DS and the puppy just hung out under the seat and slept most of the way. I got to read and recouperate from lugging carry-ons.

We met a ten-year-old little girl named Molly on our
layover in Atlanta. She sat with us on our hour and five minute flight to Sarasota. She and Casey played Mad Libs and read magazines. How nice it was for Casey to have a playmate for at least a little while!

Uncle Kent picked us up at the airport, brought us back to the house. What a beautiful place Palm Aire is! Kent's house is lovely, too. And what a good uncle he is: he slept in the guest room and gave Casey and me the master suite.

Kent took Casey out on the golf cart right away. She thought that was a hoot and can't wait to drive it on her own!

We have dinner reservations at "the club" so we're off to get cleaned up. Will post again soon!

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