Monday, May 29, 2006

The Rental Car

So looking back on this blog I realized that I didn't mention my lovely rental car!

In my attempts to be frugal last month I contacted all of the local car rental agencies in Sarasota. I found a little place by the Hob Nob restaurant whose rate was $450 - for the entire month! That was about half the cost of the national chains, so I jumped on that deal.

Since we were arriving on a holiday weekend, the owner said he would leave the car in the parking lot and put the keys under the seat. We found the car lot thanks to my GPS, but I could not believe my eyes when I saw this thing! It was a ten year old Oldsmobile, but it looked like it was originally purchased by Sanford and Son in the 70s! It is beyond hideous. These pictures do not do it justice. And it's a real shame that we don't have smellovision yet, because you have to breath inside of this heap of metal to truly get the feel for how crappy it really is. It may just be toxic!

Unfortunately I couldn't leave it there with the keys under the front seat until Tuesday, so I did drive it home. I'm sure I'm breaking an association rule just by parking it in the driveway here, so I'm counting the seconds until Tuesday at noon so I can take it back and pick up a new car from Enterprise. Thank God Kent has been here all weekend; otherwise I'd have been actually driving this thing for the past two days!

Update 6/3/06: Here's a pic of the new car. What a difference, eh?!

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